Consolidate your artistic heritage with Art Strategy Global expertise at your service, from Great Masters to Contemporary Art

AF MetaStrategy’s ART Division

One-stop partner to build value with Art

Art Strategy is the AF-MetaStrategy division committed to bring on the market a one-stop partner for everyone who is interested in building real value in Art.

Why Art Strategy?

The CEO of AF has achieved a deep involvement within the Art industry in a decade of activity, and we have established a solid partnership with those who have always managed Art!

Kronos’ partnership was born from sharing intellectual values and Art’s passion.
The vision of Art Strategy projects us into a world where access to any artistic asset has no barriers, where Art is enhanced and made available worldwide.

Art Strategy’s first step is to propose itself as an ideal partner for anyone who aims to seize the opportunity to approach Art by understanding both artistic and economic potential related to its enhancement.


Unique Selling Proposition

AF-MetaStrategy grants clients access to Kronos’s extensive experience through Art Strategy, the business development unit of AF-MetaStrategy specialized in the Art Industry.

By customizing our relationships and services to align with each client, we build trust and foster operational efficiency in our business.


A one-of-a-kind player in the Art industry

Kronos has been dedicated for four generations to enhancing works by great masters like Turner, Goya, Manet, Picasso, Miró, Cèzanne, and many others.

Our international network of private collectors, institutions, museums, and auction houses enables us to acquire and sell Artworks in a safe, transparent, and highly professional environment. It has historically achieved exceptional positioning in the “Old Masters” segment, implementing the entire supply chain from analysis to enhancement, museum presentation, and trade.

Our team consists of professionals and collectors who understand the dynamics that any collector may encounter on their path, which has contributed to our success and international track record.


Art Strategy’s mission consists of positioning itself as a hub for the art market, bringing together internationally renowned professionals. We aim to provide an effortless experience for our clients by offering a single point of contact for any service related to our field. This prevents our clients from being lost in an endless list of providers to be identified, evaluated, and interact with.


Market Demand

A very high percentage of works of Art are deprived of documents that allow the definition of their authenticity and the opportunity of being presented for sale exploiting their actual value.
In partnership with Kronos, Art Strategy offers a dedicated service to enhance works of Art that need documents that attest to their true potential.
 The Image diagnostics and scientific documentation produced by our top-tier department of image diagnostics and scientific documentation is the passport defining the crucial elements for its best-value authentication.

If you own Artworks and want to certify their potential, Art Strategy is at your service through a path based on professionalism, experience, and transparency.

The Certification Path

We offer a consulting and research service that helps you obtain certification of authenticity for your artistic assets. Kronos operates globally and uses expert specialists to cater to Museums, Large Collectors, international Auction Houses, and anyone who wants to leverage the same tools and processes that have made us a reference operator in the Art industry.

Feel free to contact us for more information!


Searching for Artworks

If you aim to invest in a particular artist or Artwork, you’ve come to the right place. Art Strategy offers a comprehensive research service to find exactly what you’re looking for within our network.

Sales Process

We excel in the Art market by bridging the gap between supply and demand within a global network. We are dedicated to simplifying the buying and selling process making it more accessible, comprehensible and secure for our clients.

We provide, on a daily basis,  expert advice to individuals, institutions, investment funds and other entities with a wide range of profiles, enabling them to buy or sell certified works of art from any era or genre.